Promote a virtually unlimited number of website URL's with one easy-to-manage rotator URL. FREE!

The Plug-In Profit URL Rotator Service is a powerful marketing tool and an ideal solution for your online advertising and promotional needs.

Your free account will allow you to promote a virtually unlimited number of website URL's with one easy-to-manage rotator URL.

Or, if you want to be able to run multiple campaigns of URL rotators, the Plug-In Profit Rotator Premium Membership offers rotator campaigns and destination URLs galore.

Read on to see how...

You may have seen other URL rotating services that offer free accounts, but the ugly truth that they really don't want to tell you up front is that your site will run in their frame and you'll be advertising for them. Ouch! Most often their ad is an unsightly banner that distracts your potential customers and makes your site appear second rate.

No worries about that here at Plug-In Profit Rotator. As you read on, you'll see that you can have your own free rotator for a virtually unlimited number of website addresses with NO banners, NO exit pops, and NO hassles or distractions of any kind.

Imagine the value of being able to rotate
any conceivable combination of your web pages and

  Tweak, test and track ideas you have for your sales copy until your visitor-to-sales conversion ratios have your competitors drooling a river.

  Evaluate the effectiveness of different graphics or banners to find the ones that automatically deliver truckloads of money to your bank account.

  Offer a variety of online ecourses to build your subscriber list at unbelievable rates. Watch your stats to see which topics your visitors are eating up and which ones cause them to run away. Drop the dogs, give them more of what they're craving, and your mailing list will soon be exploding into the 10's of 1,000's.

  Vary the frequency of your page exposures to emphasize the winners while you fine tune pages, text ads, banners, audio, flash, ecourses, free bonus offers, thank you pages, and more.

  Cash in on the ever-growing need for website traffic. It's the Number One challenge that marketers and webmasters face. Buy advertising at bulk rate prices and sell it at retail by setting up your own advertising co-op.

  Help your business partners by rotating dozens of affiliate URL's so that everybody gets exposure and new business.

Demonstrate your unwavering commitment to help the people with whom you do business, and your results will be eye-popping. Your credibility will soar, and you'll firmly cement their trust in you.

The program that we use at Plug-In Profit Rotator
is no flimsy, light-weight, freebie script!

Your rotator control panel gives you every convenience and control that you'll need to quickly and effortlessly modify and manage your URL rotation campaigns.

  Add and manage portal URLs. A "portal URL" is the web address to which you send your visitors, and the Plug-In Profit Rotator program automatically rotates the sites, or "destination URLs", you have programmed.

  Add and manage destination URLs one at a time or work with groups.

  You can rotate your various websites evenly or you can assign your own custom weighting to the rotation frequency.

  Establish starting and ending dates for individual URLs. As an example, if you didn't want a particular site to begin rotating until a week from now, and you only wanted it to rotate for 7 days... piece of cake.

  If you want to place a limit on the exposure that any individual website receives, simply indicate a maximum number of hits for that URL.

  Your "hit counter" will provide you with the number of exposures for all of your "portal URLs" and "destination URLs". Reset the hit counter for your portal URL, destination URL or both at any time you desire.

  Turn traffic "On" or "Off" to individual websites by enabling or disabling destination URLs within any group of rotating websites. This can be a temporary setting or you can quickly delete a destination URL from a group if you choose.

This service is worth a hundred times what I'm charging... Hey, wait.
That's not really true since 100 X $0 is still $0. Never mind that.

Hi, I'm Ron.It's about time I introduced myself, don't you think? My name is Ron Hutton, and I am the creator of Plug-In Profit Rotator. I want to make this really easy for you, so...

There are three simple options for getting your own
URL rotator account that best suits your needs

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!
TRY Plug-In Profit Rotator RISK FREE FOR UP TO 90 DAYS

No-Risk Guarantee

You have nothing to lose with my no-loopholes 100% Money Back Guarantee. You have 90-days to rotate, revolve, spin, swivel, turn around, go around, take turns, alternate, and gyrate your sites. If, for any reason, you're not happy with the way that the Plug-In Profit Rotator is performing for you, just let me know and I'll personally see to it that all your money is refunded within 48 hours. No hassle, no forms to fill out.

I'm taking all the risk away from you. You cannot lose.

OPTION 1: FREE "Standard" Plug-In Profit Rotator Account

    A free standard account is offered to anyone subscribing to my ezine, GoThrive Online ~ "Information for Marketers with a Ravenous Appetite for Success". For more information on what you can expect as a GoThrive Online ezine subscriber, click here.

    There's a very cool introductory series waiting for you called "Cool Tools" that delivers 17 of my favorite free tools and software application that will put the fun back into your computing life. You're really going to look forward to the information that you'll receive on a weekly basis.

    With your free standard account, you'll be provided one URL portal with which you can rotate up to 999 destination URLs.

    You'll have all of the same controls and rotator management functions as described above.

    Grab your own FREE Standard Account now by clicking here.

If you're saying to yourself, "Man! I'd love to have access to a 'Standard' account, but I really don't want to subscribe to Ron's insightful newsletter that delivers big time marketing tips in small, easy-to-chew, bite-size servings...", I promise I won't take it personally, just go see Option 2.

OPTION 2: "Standard" Plug-In Profit Rotator Account without subscribing to Ron's GoThrive Online Ezine

    "Standard" accounts are available for the silly low price of $27.95 per year.

    You'll be provided one URL portal with which you can rotate up to 999 destination URLs, and you'll have all of the same controls and rotator management functions as described above.

    Grab your own Standard Account for $27.95 per year by clicking here.

If, as you read about the powerful benefits that the Plug-In Profit Rotator delivers, you had blinding flashes of insight and euphoria... you'll want to go directly to Option 3.

OPTION 3: "Premium" Plug-In Profit Rotator Account

    As a "Premium" member, you'll have access to as many as 200 URL portals, and each portal can be used to rotate up to 999 destination URLs.

    The rotator management functions and controls as described above are included, of course.

    Become a "Premium" Plug-In Profit Rotator Member for $27.95 per quarter (every 3 months) by clicking here.

    "Oh heck. Subscribe me to your GoThrive Online ezine. I have this nagging unsatisfied curiosity about that 'Cool Tools' series that delivers 17 of your favorite free tools and software applications that will put the fun back into my computing life." (Oops. Sorry. I didn't mean to put words in you mouth.)

How's those options for fair?

All bad grammar aside, you can get your own Free or Premium URL rotator that you can use to promote a virtually unlimited number of website URL's; and you have my word that I won't be sneaking in any banners, exit pops, or distractions of any kind.

Help your customers. Build your empire.

When you use your Plug-In Profit Rotator to diligently test and track your marketing ideas, the end result will be that you'll be promoting with deadly accuracy.

To your success,

Ron Hutton

Breakaway Marketing Inc.
167 Deep Woods Way
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
Phone: 386.846.6458 | Fax: 309.416.4629

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